Tree Maintenance Tips

treeservice2With the huge fuss about global warming, sow on mountain tops melting and the rising sea level, tree maintenance has become a big issue in many places all over the world. While many are aware of the importance of fertilizing and watering, the big question is how exactly does one care and maintain a tree? Below are some tree maintenance tips to get you started.

Prune the dead branches

Getting rid of the dead branches does not only improve on the appearance of the tree but also enables it to maintain its health. Consider as less dead weight the tree has to deal with.


Though fertilizing can be done all year round, many have attested to the fact that spring is the best and perfect time to fertilize the trees. Tree fertilizers are among the best ways to provide a long lasting feeding for the tree.


Most people tend to overlook the benefits and importance of watering their trees. True, new trees need to be watered more than other tree, but this does not mean that older trees should not be regularly watered. You should however be careful not to overdo it lest you suffocate it. The soil around the tree should be wet and not muddy.


In addition to it being a very attractive landscaping addition, mulch helps the soil in retaining its moisture and protects the roots around the tree. Different trees require different mulches. As such, be sure that you use the right amount and type for your tree. Mulch that is 2-3 inches deep is recommended.

Be on he look out for parasites and diseases

Inspect the trees regularly for any signs of diseases such as wilted leaves or damaged bark that can be caused by fungus growth. Be on the lookout too for parasites such as beetles and ants which may dig holes through the bark

If you have many trees under your care and you detect any signs of disease, contact a qualified tree service to diagnose as well as treat the issue. Another good tip is to use a tree service company to help with any issues. For those of you living in Arlington VA, you can try this tree service company.